faq #1:

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

No. We provide mats for people who don’t bring their own.  If you don’t have one already, I recommend waiting until you have practiced a few times before buying a mat, so that you can make a better informed purchase, as there are many different types of yoga mats available in the marketplace.

faq #2:

Do I need to pre-register or make any other preparations? 

No, you may walk into any Mysore class anytime during the class.  We will help you get started learning to practice yoga according to your unique capabilities and limitations.  You will leave the studio feeling better than when you walked in, and having learned how to perform the beginning part of the practice on your own.  But — feel free to call Robbie at 804-928-6677 if you wish to discuss your situation.

faq #3:

I see that some of your classes are 2 1/2 hours long!

Not to worry — the Mysore classes are simply time-periods during which people can come practice with individual assistance from the teacher.  A new student would get individual instruction and might expect to be in the studio for 45 minutes to an hour, and to be actually performing the yoga-exercises for only about half that amount of time.

FAQ #4: 

I am intimidated by things I have heard about Ashtanga Yoga and the Mysore method. 

Many people — even yoga teachers — tell us on their first visit that they have been wanting to come for some time, but have felt some apprehension about not knowing this practice and being put on the spot.   This quickly becomes a laughing point when they see how easy-going the atmosphere is.  Each person is assisted in a way that optimizes their learning experience according to his or her unique aptitude.

faq #5:

I am a man and am a little hesitant to try yoga.  

 We have a higher percentage of male students than most studios — approximately half of our students are men.  Furthermore, I have taught over 1,000 classes at the Richmond City Jail, mostly to men who never imagined they would enjoy or benefit from yoga.  Check out my blog to see some of their letters.

faq #6:

I am terribly out of shape / overweight / overly indulgent.  I know I should exercise, but it’s hard to get motivated, especially to experience something brand new that I might not like.

You are here, so you are curious, and you should come just once.  Rather than worrying about your bad habits, try adding one good habit, and see how positively it affects you. First, if you don’t like it, I will not take your money.  Second, my goal will be to show you how you can explore a special connection between your breath and your body/mind, in a way that is refreshing and invigorating, based upon your present condition, without over-exertion.  Third, feel free to simply drop by during any class and watch for however long you wish.

FAQ #7:

But I would still be embarrassed to be brand new, out of shape, and attempting to do yoga around other people who are experts and physically fit. 

You would see right away that our classes are small, and neither I, nor our students, for the most part, are perfect specimens of fitness or experts at doing yoga postures — and mainly, you would see that your very natural fear is unfounded.  We are very welcoming and all of our students contribute to an atmosphere that is totally inclusive.  We have people in their 80s practicing in the same room with people in their 20s; and doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, artists and former inmates all practicing — individually, at their own pace — in the same space.

faq #8: 

May I bring my child?  

Children are welcome so long as they can be quiet, and whisper when they need to talk to their parents.  There is plenty of room for a child to sit and quietly play with her toys or draw on the floor with our colored chalk.

FAQ #9: 

Do you offer Private Instruction?

Yes, $100 in the studio; $125 plus travel fee outside the studio.  No extra charge for more than one student.  I enjoy teaching all types of people and have abundant experience helping people who have limiting medical conditions.  Call or text me at 804-928-6677 or email me at Robbie@RichmondCityYoga.com to schedule a session.  For more info see RichmondPrivateYoga .