Class Types

Mysore classes

This class is ideal for beginners. No preparation or registration is needed, and we provide yoga mats. Walk-ins are always welcome!

You may arrive and depart whenever you wish during Mysore class -- practicing according to your own schedule, energy, and extent of learning -- while receiving individual attention and instruction.

Mysore classes are the traditional and gradual way to learn the practice, named after the city where this renowned form of yoga originated: Mysore, Karnataka, India.  

New students can expect their first class to last about an hour, and to leave the studio after their first visit not only feeling great — but also with a specific 20-minute practice sufficiently memorized that they will be able to practice it on their own!

In fact, I stay in touch with several people who happened to be visiting Richmond, stopped in for a class, and became inspired to begin their own regular Ashtanga practice after just one class.

In essence, for new students, Mysore classes are semi-private introductory lessons, tailored to their unique abilities and limitations.

Led Full Primary Series class

Taught "in unison" and practiced in sync together as a group. This class is meant to complement the meditative experience of Mysore practice by reminding students of the precise vinyasa counts (breath-synchronized movements) of the Full Primary Series.
This class is also a good way for new students to see the full yoga practice they are learning. Starts promptly at 6pm every Thursday.

Please feel welcome to contact Robbie with any questions at 804-928-6677.