july 3: 5:30-8am & 9:30-11am

July 4: 9:30-11am

July 5: 9:30-11am

Regular schedule resumes Saturday July 6

We want to introduce you to the enriching experience of learning — and owning — your own specific Yoga practice.  When you view our Facebook and Instagram videos, you’ll see people of widely varying ages and abilities practicing in the same room, but not “in unison” with one another — rather, as individuals, each practicing at his or her own pace.  Students come and go at different times during the class hours, doing only as much as they wish.  If you attend class consistently for just one month and refrain from over-exerting, you’ll have a very beneficial learning experience.  You will have begun one of the world's most renowned methods of self-healing and self-study. In one month you can easily memorize the first half of the 90-minute Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series practice, such that you’ll be confident practicing it on your own in a manner that is suitable for your unique condition.  Your balance will improve and you will become stronger, more flexible — and calmer.  You will likely sleep better, and notice that a patient space -- between stimulus and reaction -- is being cultivated through your yoga practice. You may also feel space being created within your (gravity-compressed) body, accompanied by an expanded range of motion and the reduction of joint and back pain -- and feel generally better from head to toe.

Private instruction for individual or group remains at $100 in the studio, $125 in student’s home or other local venue.

All my best,

Robbie Norris

2019 class fees:

  • $20 per class

  • $135 monthly unlimited membership if paying contiguously on the same day each month. Couples discount 10%

  • **New Student Special: $75 for first month of unlimited classes.

  • $160 for single 30-day unlimited pass.

  • $85 for 2-week unlimited pass.

  • $50 for 1-week unlimited pass.

  • $70 for 4 classes, 30-day expiration.

  • $140 for 8 classes, 60-day expiration.

2019 Full-time Student fees:

  • $15 per class

  • $90 monthly unlimited membership if paying contiguously on the same day each month.

  • $110 for single 30-day unlimited pass.