2018 rates

$15 per class.

 $125 per month for unlimited attendance.
(Full-time students $80 per month.)

**First month half-price for new students $62.50**


If you are indigent but have serious interest in learning and attending class three to six times per week, you can discuss your situation with me. I have never turned anyone away for lack of money.  If you are having trouble finding a job due to a criminal record, and you want a job, I can probably get you one after you practice yoga consistently for a couple of months.  

Private lessons remain at $100 in the studio; if outside the studio, possibly more depending on travel. Please see Richmond Private Yoga for testimonials and details. Private lessons are an excellent way to learn for people who have special situations due to age, medical conditions, temperament, or scheduling difficulties.

Please write or call anytime with questions at (804) 928-6677 or e-mail me at Robbie@RichmondCityYoga.com